Divorce & Family Law

The attorneys at Jacoby & Jacoby have handled numerous Long Island family law and matrimonial cases involving divorce, child support, and child custody, cases involving spousal support, orders of protection, and pre-nuptial agreements. No matter what your individual situation calls for, our attorneys will help bring your case to a swift and satisfying conclusion.

It takes more than knowledge of the law to be a great law firm. It also takes compassion. We understand that this decision will not only affect you, but also your children for the rest of your lives. When you choose Jacoby & Jacoby to represent you, you can count on objective, compassionate and experienced guidance you need to make decisions logically, not emotionally, so that your kids suffer as little as possible and maintain their normal lifestyle.

We know what a difficult and painful loss the dissolution of a marriage brings to your heart, your home, and your bank account. You can count on the Law Offices of Jacoby & Jacoby for personalized attention, human concern, and a patient, helping hand to guide you as best we can through the complex process of divorce and child-custody. For a free consultation, call any one of our office locations directly or contact us online today.

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