QUIZ: Are you driving a lemon?

To determine if you have a case, answer yes or no to the following five questions:

  1. Has your vehicle been in the shop three (3) or more times for the same issue? YES / NO
  2. Has your vehicle been in the shop from fifteen (15) to thirty (30) calendar days or more for repairs? YES / NO
  3. Has there been six (6) or more repair attempts made to various problems, (even if more than one repair was made to more than one defect on one particular visit to the shop)? YES / NO
  4. Has your vehicle been in the shop for a problem that was never fixed properly under warranty and it continues to exist now that the warranty has ended? YES / NO
  5. Has the dealer and/or manufacturer refused to repair or charged you for a repair to a particular problem that should be covered under warranty? YES / NO

If you answered yes to even ONE of the above five questions, and your car was purchased during the manufacturer’s warranty and/or the manufacturer’s extended warranty, you should contact us immediately. You are driving a defective vehicle, and you may be entitled to cost-free legal assistance.