The Motorized Wheelchair Lemon Law provides a legal remedy for consumers who are buyers or lessees of new motorized wheelchairs that turn out to be lemons. If the wheelchair does not conform to the terms of the written warranty and the manufacturer or its authorized dealer is unable to repair the wheelchair after a reasonable number of attempts during the first year, the consumer can choose a full refund or a comparable new replacement wheelchair.

There’s been quite a buzz lately about a possible consumer electronics lemon law, which would include goods like televisions, MP3 players, and stereo systems. While New York State currently does not have an electronics lemon law in place, there are other avenues consumers can take to recover their money if they do end up with a defective electronic. Contact us today to discuss your options.

The New York Lemon Law can be confusing and is open up to numerous interpretations if you don’t understand how it works. Contact a Long Island lemon law attorney at Jacoby & Jacoby today. For a free consultation, call any one of our office locations directly or contact us online today.

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